Vocab Academy

We will disrupt the current vocabulary model utilizing the abundance of available research which cites the effectiveness of mnemonic, association, and testing recall techniques to learn and use words.  The method we use to incorporate the words previously learned with the active words will keep students reviewing the cumulative list of words.

We have completed and published The Vocab Academy Word Book which contains 170 pages of mnemonic and association techniques to define and aid in the learning of 840 words. We also have the same contents in a book titled Mnemonic and Association Techniques for SAT Vocabulary for schools.

We have grouped the words according to the easiest way to associate the words with external cues which will enable you to be able to remember the associations easily. The associations we have used in this volume are Word in Word associations and Mnemonic associations.

Word in Word associations are instances of words that have the meaning of the word revealed in the word itself. An example would be:

[You create ALIENS out of friends when you behave badly.]
She alienated many of the apple growers in the audience when she spoke of the benefits of eating oranges.

As you can see, with a bit of prompting the student can make an identifying connection between the meaning of the word and the meaning cue in the word.

With Mnemonic words we have also created associations using the auditory, visual, and pairing qualities of words to create an easily remembered association between an external word or fact and the word. Examples of this would be:

[GREG, GARY, and RUSS get together and party.]
Her gregarious spirit won her many friends throughout high school.

[If a person GROWS TUSKS they are grotesque.]
The grotesque display of violence was shocking.

We have created a video for each word which shows and explains the definition for the word and the technique for remembering it effectively.  Each word is listed separately at vocabacademy.com so a student can work in concert with the texts or work on specific troublesome words.